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“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”- George Orwell

The restless armed forces of Bangladesh are the pride of the nation. Deployed to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bangladesh, the military has made exemplary contributions in a number of nation-building activities assigned by the government over 50 years of its existence.

To educate people about the glorious history of the Bangladeshi military forces, Bangladesh Military Museum was established in 1987 which is now located on the west side of Bangabandhu Planetarium along Bijoy Sarani Road in Dhaka. More recently, a grand initiative has been undertaken to modernize our Military museum which has led to the development of a state of the art establishment that will be known as ‘Bangabandhu Military Museum’.

The proposed museum is being built on some 10 acres of land on the west side of Bangabandhu Novo Theatre. Four zones are being built where equipment of the military, before and after independence, should be presented. The 2,000sqm Navy displays, set over two floors of the new complex, will offer a completely new experience of a museum visit to the audiences of Bangladesh. As technology and digitalization see us becoming more and more globalized, institutions such as these will attract local and foreign communities together.

The new museum is aiming to collect, preserve and exhibit the real history of the Liberation War of 1971. It will showcase the immense courage and bravery of the people of Bangladesh during the Liberation War. The museum promises to provide authentic information to the country’s people, specifically the new generation, about the glorious past, challenges, achievements, and key developments of the Bangladesh Army, Navy and Airforce. The information displayed can also be used for research purposes.

The main project works include construction of an eight-story main museum building including a two-story basement, constructing physical facilities, ensuring external power supply including installation of high-powered generators, procurement of furniture, land development, testing soil, and consultancy.

In other words, the project is nothing short of an International Standard architectural feat and we here at Energypac take great pride in having contributed to the electrification of the Bangabandhu Military Museum. Energypac Electronics Limited served authorities in charge of developing the Bangabandhu Military Museum with Supply and Installation of MDB (Main Distribution Board with Circuit Breaker), DB (Distribution Board with Circuit Breaker), and SDB (Sub Distribution Board with Circuit Breaker). Additionally, Museum’s Chiller Part ( AC areas) and AHU (Air Handling Unit) were brought under the service of the company.

As a leading private organization in the sector of engineering and electronics, we are honored to have been entrusted with the highly important responsibility of ensuring power overload security for those who are ensuring our country’s safety with utmost dedication and patriotism.

We hope, in near future, our paths will be crossed again to ensure our community’s sustained growth, expansion, and modernization.

To see our protection devices, please visit:

Bangabandhu Military Museum
Bangabandhu Military Museum | Dhaka
Bangabandhu Military Museum Project

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