Submitted by Energypac on Sun, 04/18/2021 - 15:53

Delivery man Mamun checked his phone to find an ever-growing pile of ceiling fan orders. Summer was at its peak and so was the pressure of his job. He waved goodbye to his friend before exiting their crowded one-bedroom residence. His friend was returning home for the Eid Holidays and Mamun wondered if he would be fortunate enough to do the same. 

Unlike Mamun, Mizan is well prepared to spend his Eid at home with his loved ones. However, the joy of earning a well deserved break is often overshadowed by the bitter experiences encountered while delivering gas cylinders to different households. “Babu, don’t go near him. You’ll catch the virus” said a mother as she pulled her child away from Mizan. He fails to understand how his noble work inconveniences consumers. 

Tireless schedules and negative attitude from customers are not the only concerns of a delivery person. Take for example Reza. With educational institutions shut down, Reza found himself a job as a food delivery person to earn some additional income. Unfortunately, his job has landed him in a hospital bed at a Covid-19 unit.  If only his employers had provided him basic personal protection equipment, such as a mask and hand sanitizers, this adversity could have been easily prevented. 

Whether it is an emergency supply of food, medicine, gas or electrical accessories, Mamun, Mizan, Reza and thousands others like them have us covered in this pandemic. Statistics state that 300 delivery companies have been set up in Dhaka alone to keep up with consumer demand and a total of 60,000 e-commerce deliveries are made every day with the numbers growing at a rapid rate.

But how much do we think about these delivery men who are engaged in providing the services we need? How many organizations have ensured the health protection of their delivery men during the Corona epidemic? Have they been given priority in the immunization program? Are their medical expenses being paid if they contract Covid-19? The answers are often left unaddressed.

Offices and shops may be closed during the lockdowns that are imposed when the Covid-19 contraction becomes unmanageable in the country. However, important construction work remains ongoing as infrastructural development hardly ever ceases in this rapidly evolving economy. Therefore the supply of electrical accessories to these sites has to remain undisrupted. Given the situation, the delivery personnel acts as the only bridge between the manufacturer of electrical accessories and its consumers.

Energypac Electronics Limited has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the delivery personnel deployed to serve its end customers are well equipped to work in a pandemic situation. Armed with Personal Protection Equipment, Health Insurance Coverage and a Roster-based work schedule, these brave representatives of the Energypac family are here to take care of your electrification needs.

That being said, a company can only do so much. Part of the responsibility of providing delivery personnel the recognition they deserve lies on the shoulders of the consumers. Our treatment of them can be further improved to make their lives easier. Let us not be overly critical of delays or inaccuracies in their work. Let us not use social distancing as an excuse to leave them completely unattended at our doorsteps. Let us put the effort in to greet them and ask them about their day while interacting with them from a safe distance.

In the holy month of Ramadan, we hope that the world and our country moves forward with empathy, love and harmony towards each other. 

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