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50,00,000 work hours of Dhaka City Citizens are lost annually to traffic jams, which in value stands approximately Tk 37,000 crore. Traffic congestion does impose costs not only on travelers and national income but also affects the environment by increasing pollution. When a day without traffic jams on the roads of Dhaka has become unimaginable to citizens, the authorities have illuminated a lamp of hope by introducing the energy-efficient Metro Rail System. Metro rail, an improved, faster, comfortable and environment-friendly mass rapid transit, is on the way to relieve citizens from perennial traffic congestion in the capital.

The first-ever metro-rail system was established in London. This underground railway was originally opened in 1863 and eventually was turned into a metro rail system in 1890. Similarly, Chicago, Budapest, Paris, Glasgow, Berlin, New York, Greece, and Massachusetts boast some of the oldest metro rails in the world. World’s largest metro network and fastest metro railway are the Shanghai Metro of China. They have also innovated magnetic levitation (“maglev”) prototype train that will keep them on the top of the podium of speed for the near future.

Bangladesh is entering into the podium by establishing its first metro rail system ever. Energypac Electronics always inspires such infrastructure innovations and improvement of the infrastructure in the capital will allow for more innovations in the country. Dhaka’s first-ever Metro Rail is a mega project which was initiated in 2012 and is progressing at a fast pace to be completed by 2023. With special mention, the Bangladesh government is planning to name metro rail stations after Japanese victims of the 2016 terrorist attack in Gulshan Holey Artisan.

Precisely, the Metro Rail is a result of the rapid development of new technology in Bangladesh. It carries a motive to “move people, save time and energy”. Being a leader in the energy-efficient sector, Energypac can offer energy-saving solutions for the ‘saving energy’ motif. Energypac is already providing switchgear panels from ABB, isolators, capacitor panels, and other substation equipment to the project in partnership with ITD-Sinohydro. Energypac is also supplying EG switch sockets to the historic first-ever Dhaka Metro Rail Project. The panels and sockets will be wholly designed and manufactured in-house.

Megaprojects like metro rail will not only reduce traffic jams but will also raise employment opportunities. It will bring a transportation revolution within the country. But a faster transportation system comes with complex technological infrastructure which requires powerful and long-lasting electrical and electronics products. And that is the scope where Energypac Electronics, being a first-row electronics company, can serve products towards this innovative footstep of the country.

Written By:
Rafeeah Hasan
Bhabna Sen



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