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Group overview

Established in the year 1982, Energypac has been both a pioneer and a household name in the energy, electronics and power sector of Bangladesh since its inception.

With four decades of manufacturing and service experience across a plethora of industries, Energypac has strategically diversified its portfolio to reach out to both local and international clientele with a wide range of world class solutions.

Energypac Engineering LTD
Energypac Power Generation LTD
Energypac Electronics LTD
Energypac Fashions LTD.
Energypac Infrastructure Development Limited
Energypac Power Venture Limited
Energypac Cables Limited
Energypac Agro
Energypac Motorvehicles Division

Electronics overview

A Name You Can Trust

Energypac Electronics manufactures state of the art low voltage electrical products in Bangladesh. Our exclusive line of products includes high quality electrical wiring accessories, top tier lighting & luminaries and energy efficient ceiling fans. Energypac Electronics is the official representative of Legrand in Bangladesh; the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. In addition to manufacturing the finest electrical products, Energypac Electronics specializes in professional lighting and Green Energy (renewable energy) solutions.

Company Profile

Energypac Electronics (EELL) is a leading manufacturer and solution provider in the field of low voltage electrical accessories. As one of the most popular business organizations under the Energypac umbrella, EELL has been inspiring innovation for years through its state of the art and locally manufactured LED products, switches & sockets, ceiling fans and circuit breakers.

It started its journey in the year 2005 by introducing affordable and reliable energy saving lamps in the Bangladeshi market. Since then, the company has pushed the boundaries of engineering excellence through its highly equipped research and development facilities to make consumer products of the highest standard available in the local market.

Energypac Electronics is also a proud and highly distinguished service provider for Renewable Energy Solutions (Solar Rooftop, Solar Irrigation and Solar Parks). Furthermore, EELL has designed, engineered and commissioned numerous landmark lighting projects in Bangladesh including Narayanganj City Corporation Street Lighting and Hatirjheel Bridge Lighting Project.

Recipient of the HSBC Climate Change Award, Energypac Electronics is a trailblazer in the nation’s continuous effort to popularize greener and sustainable electrification. Our mission is to provide our consumers with nothing short of perfection through our products and services. Our vision is to inspire the art of innovation in Bangladesh for generations to come.

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