Factory Tour | Energypac Electronics

In the year 2005, Energypac Electronics launched a world class manufacturing facility to generate large scale production of high end, locally assembled electronics for the domestic market.

Our electronics factory is divided into 3 Units.

Unit 1: Luminaries
Unit 2: Wiring Accessories
Unit 3: Ceiling Fan

Each unit is further divided into individual sections where it is ensured that employees are working in a safe, friendly and healthy environment.

As Bangladesh becomes more aware of female empowerment, we feel that Energypac Electronics has a huge role to play in facilitating the contributions of women in the power sector. As a result, approximately 50% of our workforce in the factory is made up of hard working, well trained and dedicated female employees.

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We are proud to say that besides employing over 300 male and female skilled workers, our factory is welcoming to the physically challenged community as well. Our goal is to provide a window of opportunity to those who are likely to be deprived of employment in this competitive market.

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